Telecommunication Cable

Today communication has become the basic need in our lives. JACCO telecommunication cables are designed to reduce cross talking and to increase voice clarity. Our telecommunication cables are most suitable for use in offices, buildings, hospitals, industries, PBX and in central exchange for interconnection of distribution framer switching and transmission equipments, etc.


Solid Annealed High Conductivity, uniform coated with Tinned, Electrolytic Grade Copper Conductor of diameter 0.5mm.


Specially formulated high grade PVC Compound capable of withstanding higher conductor temperature in different colours.


Two cores are uniformly twisted together to form a pair with maximum lay length 80 mm. The lay shall be so chosen as to minimize cross talk in the cable.

Laying of Pairs

The Layers in cables shall be stranded with a suitable left hand lay. The Stranding lay of all other cable cores shall be alternate. The cable shall be wrapped with polyester tape.

Rip Cord

A nylon rip cord shall be laid up longitudinally under the sheath for effective means of slitting the sheath longitudinally to facilitate removal without damaging the insulated cores.


The Laid up of pairs are covered with specially formulated PVC Compound of Grey colour. The sheath shall be uniform and tightly fitted of overall diameter.

Conductor Insulation Rip Cord Sheath
Material Nominal Diameter (mm) Material Nominal Thickness (mm) Nominal Dia of Insulated Conductor (mm) Material Material Minimum Thickness (mm)
Bright Annealed Pure Electrolytic Tinned Copper 0.50 LDPE 0.20+0.05-0.02 0.95 Nylon High grade PVC with high oxygen 1 pair : 0.50
2-8 pair : 0.65
10 pair : 0.75

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