Quality Policy

Quality Standards

High quality standards are built into every 'JACCO' product. Rigid tests and checks at every stage, from raw material through manufacturing stages and finally upto the finished product ensure that JACCO Cables meet customer satisfaction.

We have a vigorous Quality Manual Plan comprising testing of incoming material, in line checks during production and final testing. Our laboratory is equipped with all the instruments to ensure that the various tests required under different specifications are conducted before cables are cleared for despatch.

Quality Policy

We, at JACCO are committed to provide a reliable and quality product at competitive prices to meet client's satisfaction.

Quality Control System

We follow certain quality control system, where every product undergo various test sessions before it is finally packed and dispatched at clients end. Some of the steps involved in our quality process include:

  • Tests at Raw Material Stage Jacco cables are manufactured from quality raw materials, which are strictly tested in our laboratory on following basis:
    • Aluminium / copper conductor – Aluminium / Copper conductor are tested for their conductor resistance, wire diameter, tensile strength, and elongation & wrapping test.
    • PVC compound – PVC compounds are tested for tensile strength, elongation, insulation resistance, spark test, high voltage test and shrinkage test.
  • On line quality assurance We conduct tests at every stage of manufacturing in order to remove any sort of defects from the products:
    • Conductor Stranding – We take care of the dimensions, surface and shape of conductor, conductor resistance and number of wires.
    • Insulation – Dimensions of the core, thickness of insulation, high voltage test, spark test, shrinkage test & insulation resistance tests, tensile test are done for quality checks at this stage.
    • Laying – Cores are laid up with a suitable lay. The final layer direction shall be kept right hand lay. The material of Inner Sheath is to be compatible with temperature rating of the cable.
    • Outer Sheath – When it comes to detection of outer sheath, we conduct test for thickness, concentricity, diameter over sheath, surface finish and embossing/ printing with outer requisite information on outer sheath.
  • Final TestsWe have a well equipped laboratory with the state-of-the-art instruments. All the routing acceptance and relevant specifications and testing schemes are held as per S: 694-1990 with latest amendments.