Power Cable

JACCO Power Cables are used for transmission of power in power plants, industries, projects and all other electrical installations. The power cables manufactured by us are reckoned for its wide range and applications in various industries.


Aluminium Conductor conforming to IS: 8130:1984.


Conductor is insulated with specially formulated superior grade of PVC compound as per IS: 5831:1984 which offers high insulation resistance and necessary electrical strength. The insulation is resistance to moisture, oils, etc giving long life and electrical safety.


Two cores are uniformly twisted together to form a pair with maximum lay length 80 mm. The lay shall be so chosen as to minimize cross talk in the cable.

Laying of Cores

Cores are laid up with a suitable lay. The Final layer direction shall be kept right hand lay./p>


The outer sheath of cable is done with special grade PVC Compound, conforming to IS: 5831:1984.

Quality Assurance

High quality standards are built into every 'JACCO' product. Rigid tests and checks at every stage, from raw material through manufacturing stages and finally upto the finished product ensure that JACCO Cables meet customer satisfaction.


These cables can be used on Voltage grade upto & including 1100 V.

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