LAN Cable

CAT 5E UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) cables are very effective network cabling system used in modern computer networks. CAT 5 UTP Cables are eminently capable of handling 100 Mbps data rates. The Jacket of LAN cable is made of special grade PVC Compound.

Quality Assurance

High quality standards are built into every 'JACCO' product. Rigid tests and checks at every stage, from raw material through manufacturing stages and finally upto the finished product ensure that JACCO Cables meet customer satisfaction.

Typical Application

Used for connecting to end users using the Internet System.

Conductor Insulation No. of Pairs Colour Combination Rip Cord Sheath Colour Nom. O/all Diameter
24 AWG
(0.52 mm)
Bare solid copper
(Unshielded Twisted Pair)
1 Blue - White/Blue
2 Orange - White/Orange
3 Green-White/Green
4 Brown-White/Brown
Nylon Cord under sheath PVC Grey Colour
(other colours available on request)
5.2+-(0.2) mm

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