Co-axial Cable

JACCO Coaxial Cables are widely use today in buildings, offices, hotels, hospitals, residential complexes etc., and has gained confidence among viewers by delivering quality transmission of True Picture & True Sound.


JACCO Coaxial Cables are made of high conductivity electrolytic grade annealed bare solid copper conductor.


Gas Injected Physical Foam Polyethylene.


Poly-aluminium Tape Braided With Aluminium Alloy with Minimum 60% Coverage. This double screening provides better attenuation values compared with cable with single screen.


After screening the outer jacket is extruded with special grade PVC which is abrasion resistant.

Quality Assurance

High quality standards are built into every 'JACCO' product. Rigid tests and checks at every stage, from raw material through manufacturing stages and finally upto the finished product ensure that JACCO Cables meet customer satisfaction.

Typical Application

JACCO coaxial cable is the most common cable used for Transmission of audio and Video Signals and in CATV System.

Parameter RG-6 RG-11 RG-59
Diameter of inner conductor (mm.) 1.02 1.63 0.8
Diameter over di-electric (mm.) 4.60 7.24 3.66
DCR at 20°C (nominal) (ohm/km.) 22.00 8.5 35.5
Nominal overall diameter (mm.) 6.90 10.30 6.00
Nominal capacitance (pf/m) 53.1 53.1 53.1
Nominal impedance (ohm.) 75 75 75
ATTENUATION (NOMINAL) AT 20°C (db/100mtrs.) V
55 MHz 4.66 2.91 6.02
211 MHz 9.16 5.71 11.83
300 MHz 10.98 6.86 14.19
350 MHz 11.90 7.47 15.38
400 MHz 12.77 8.01 16.46
450 MHz 13.55 8.52 17.47
500 MHz 14.29 8.99 18.45
550 MHz 15.00 9.46 19.36
600 MHz 15.68 9.90 20.24

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